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Welcome to my personal page!

I’m David Gorelick, a Postdoc at the University of North Carolina’s Center on Financial Risk in Environmental Systems. I have broad interests across inter-connected environmental, engineered, economic, and financial systems and solving complex problems of resource allocation and management. My current research focuses on identification and mitigation of physical and financial risks to urban water utilities in the United States.

On Sept. 9, 2020, I gave a short seminar on my PhD research. You can watch it at the link here! You can also find my full dissertation at the link here.

I have previously done research related to biofuel production, water quality, and racial disparities in water service access. As a “career” UNC student, I hold a BS in Environmental Science and Mathematics, as well as an MS and PhD in Environmental Sciences and Engineering from Chapel Hill. Find me on LinkedIn here, or contact me at with any comments, questions or requests. Go Heels!